Fryeday Everyday is committed to understanding your goals and producing results! First we take the time to learn about you & your market. Next, we develop a thoughtful strategy and team it with beautiful, effective design.

  • Your product.
  • Your brand.
  • Your growth.

The result is excellence. Fryeday Everyday will help you become extraordinary!

Meet Vicki Dennis Frye.

From small businesses and nonprofit organizations to first-time authors and publishing industry leaders, Vicki begins by helping you to thoughtfully define your goals; then, works hard to develop and implement the strategies necessary to achieve them.
With more than 15 years of marketing and product management experience, Vicki’s core values are creativity, diversity, commitment, excellence and relationships. These principles guide her work and will help grow yours. Vicki lives in North Carolina and is motivated daily by her faith and family.

Creating anticipation. Producing the goods.

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  • "I had the pleasure of working with Vicki Frye while I was VP, Sales & Marketing at UMI. Vicki was reliable, strategic, and connected extremely well with all types of people. The first thing I think of in regards to Vicki, is her "can-do" attitude and the positive energy that she brought to our office!"
    -Mark Smalls, VP and Chief Marketing Officer at JAMS.

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  • "Vicki's expertise is an asset to our organization. I plan to continue working with her to grow our brand and develop new product offerings."
    -L. Brian Jenkins, President, Entrenuity, Inc.

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  • "It has been a wonderful pleasure to work with Ms. Frye on our first book, C.A.L.L.E.D. to Teach. Vicki was faithful to the assignment and very accessible at all times. Her expertise was evident in the finished project. However her assistance did not stop there, her availability after the project has been very helpful."
    -Rev. Barbara Peacock, The Park Church, Charlotte, NC.